How to FIND A JOB, & MAKE MONEY doing it!!

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How to FIND A JOB, & MAKE MONEY doing it!!

by Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc(maths) LLB BA(maths) See details


Think of all the unpaid work you do, and time you spend, looking for a job: ie checking the media for job ads, compiling your CV, writing applications and 'addressing the criteria on the job advertisement', and travelling to/turning up for 'job interviews', spending the time in job interviews and "toffing one's hat, so to speak', to a potential new 'master', who can tell you and me what to do. For most, maybe 19 out of 20 or even 99 out of 100, all the time and effort goes for naught and you have nothing to show for it except, receipts for you cash expenditure. Just think; if that time had gone into something over which you had some control, or even better, TOTAL CONTROL: like a website you may own which has cost you about the same amount of expenditure as for your FIRST job application, and on which you had spent that amount of time. Of course, the other major 'cost' has been the disappointment.

The big money that occurs through the internet is not due to the direct income earned nor to capitalizing the income that is made online, but by 'capitalising' the growth in traffic that can be delivered with a domain name. The value is in the domain name and the traffic that it can delivered. Concurrent with that in my case, is the reality that the more traffic I can attract, the more influential I become. We have all heard of Google. Well, I am pleased to say, that for some time now, for over two years, I have been able to deliver a top Google ranking to a new website [mine, or someone else's], within just TWO DAYS of it going online. That applies also to just a new page or Bulletin Board. ALL my sites also have high Google Rankings. Try Googling <rate the judges> on www. My sites have 7 of the FIRST 10, of 7.36Million URLs. Alternatively, have a look at some of the stats I have collected.

You could follow my advice online at: HOW TO build you own website for FREE. Of course, to improve the rate at which you develop your website, you may be able to commence study in a relevant TAFE or diploma/degree course, if you can obtain government funding for it. I would not recommend your paying for such yourself, as I believe you will make quite rapid progress yourself online. Websites are worth a lot of money. They will grow in value even if you do nothing more to them. The more you add to them the greater will be the growth rate. You can expect it to grow many fold per annum, [that is many hundred % growth rate per annum],and that growth is COMPOUND GROWTH.

Of course, I recommend you register your own domain name. Afterall, the value is attached to that domain name. As the value increases, that is just like money you have made, but it is not income and so not taxable. You may pay tax on the value only when you 'sell' it. You can structure its ownership such that you can leave Australia so you will be a 'resident' of a 'tax haven' when you sell it. I was in business as an Accountant and tax agent.

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