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How to SURVIVE the 21st Century World Recession, & PROSPER.

FULL DETAIL: How to SURVIVE the 21st Century World Recession, & PROSPER.

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It is eminently understandable that the population of the world, has lost confidence in its 'leaders'. The 'world leaders' who would have us all believe that they know the problem and how to survive it. Clearly, there is an economic crisis spanning the whole world. It is not necessary to be genius or anywhere near being a genius to know that. In such a circumstance as this, it is sensible to preserve any useful item one has. That includes money. So what does the world's 'wisdom' extol? - unfettered spending, and then 'rely' upon them. It is no wonder we are in an economic mess.

As I have stated in
My FULL detail of the Analysis of 21st Century World Recession, the cause of this Global Economic Crisis, is, in my opinion, due to the CORRUPTION of the world leaders especially of the better placed countries. Their present pronouncements would support such an assessment. As I have also stated, I believe the greatest 'single' technological change that mankind has ever experienced, [because of its beneficial consequences], is the advent of the Internet. Because almost anything is possible in ICT, [Information and Communications Technology], the advances will continue. Almost as quickly as the mind can conceive of some benefit, ICT can show the method to deliver it.

Because we cannot know upon whom we can 'rely', then we can rely on no-one; but ourselves. We must design the method of our survival by relying upon only ourselves. We know what we can deliver. Because the Internet and ICT can facilitate so much, that is the way forward. It gives us the greatest opportunity for our own survival..

I have addressed this way forward, depending upon ones predilection, based on one's past actions or inclinations: Income from working for an 'employer' or working in one's own business.

  1. Looking for Work: Looking for a Job: How to FIND A JOB, & MAKE MONEY doing it!!
  2. Small Business Advisory FORUM

Welcome to internet guru challenge: MAKE MONEY COMMUNITY!!!

Postby russellm » Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:42 am

This board of FORUMS is for the purpose of accommodating a COMMUNITY of internet users with an interest in MAKING MONEY, a LIVING, from the internet; from the enjoyment of 'OPERATING ON THE INTERNET'. OH YEAH!!!!

History shows how technological change has caused revolutions in human behaviour. The concept of economies of scale was important in the Industrial revolution, and so people moved off rural settlements to cramped industrial centres. Mental attitude changed to considering large scale centralized processing. The advent of the motor vehicle added further to this centralized processing paradigm. However, full cost was not considered.

We are about to experience the THE INTERNET caused SHOPPING REVOLUTION. The rate of change to this will be exacerbated by, and may in turn further accelerate the 'Global Financial Crisis'. Time will tell.

The non-optimization processes that resulted from this 'economies of scale' mind set are now being more readily understood. The full costing paradigm applies the principles of bio-mimicry is exemplified in
'The SIMPLE PERMANENT SOLUTION to our water crisis', 'The days of the sewerage system are numbered' and
'Invitation to Individuals in Australia who wish to be involved in this concept: to JOIN the COMPOSTING COMMUNITY'.

'Distributed processing' is synonymous with bio-mimicry and is the reality of the internet.

Because the internet has such low marginal operating costs, effectively zero, means that almost everything which can be performed in conjunction with some involvement of the internet, will be done with the involvement of the internet as that will be more efficient; more for less. This means the avenues available on the internet are almost limitless.

Have fun!

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